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What is the Electro-Positive membrane used in TWR drinking water filters?

TWR drinking water filters

Not directly comparable to any other water purification media currently in the market, Electro-Positive Membrane is an electro-adsorptive technology, not a mechanical filter media.

Electro-Positive Membrane used in TWR Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Due to its crystal structure, the mineral creates a natural, strong positive charge which attracts the negative charge present on most submicron contaminants. Its electro-positive wet-laid nonwoven technology, with a pore size of 1.2 - 1.5 microns, captures very small diameter substances and pathogens, removing larger particles mechanically.

When exposed to water having a pH between 5 – 9 a charge potential is generated by the natural crystal structure of the fibers overlapping further into the fiber pore structure.


Electro-Positive membrane has the ability to efficiently and cost effectively remove a wide range of contaminants, such as bacteria/legionella, viruses, cyst, endotoxin, polysaccharides, colloids, trace pharmaceuticals and other pathogens from water, making it safe to consume.

Energy Savings and Sustainability

Electro-Positive membrane, used in TWR systems, offers very high flux rates at lower pressure drops compared to competing technologies with similar biological removal performance.

Product Safety and Taste

Electro-Positive membrane removes effectively the pathogens and other contaminants, but in parallel maintaining the minerals for taste in the water without issues of handling “brine” waste water using RO systems. Compared to UF/ hollow fibers Electro-Positive membrane, used in TWR systems, does not block easily and filter remains odorless even if not used for several days. Also, is complying under NSF/ANSI 42 applicable drinking water requirements.


Electro-Positive membrane, used in TWR systems, can be used as a stand alone solution or in combination with other technologies depending on the level of water purification needs. In TWR Systems Electro-Positive membrane is used together with a carbon block and UF membrane ensuring high quality drinking water.

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