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Aquaporin Technology - Pure water nothing else - Aquaporin reverse osmosis water filtration systems

Aquaporin reverse osmosis water filtration systems

Aquaporin reverse osmosis water filtration systems

A2O Pure under-the-sink

Experience an under-the-sink water purifier powered by Aquaporin’s unique purification technology. The features provide clean water bursting with natural flavor.

The new, stylish and simplistic A2O Pure dispenses purified, great-tasting clean water directly from the tap. In addition, the A2O Pure-system offer the best possible safety by providing the highest removal rates for water contaminants.

Furthermore, it measures the quality of your water, has leak detection, automatic cleaning, and a space-saving design perfect for anyone who favors style and simplicity.

The A2O Pure is the water purifier that secures one of life’s most important assets, you and your family’s health.

Aquaporin reverse osmosis water filtration systems

Reclaim control of your water quality

The modern kitchen is forever renewing itself. In a time where your drinking water is no longer as clean as in your childhood, it is important to face the new reality of varying water qualities that might put your family's health at risk.

A2O Pure with Aquaporin Inside® technology is the perfect, space-saving water purifier, which offers the highest removal rates for water contaminants such as:



Heavy metals





Aquaporin reverse osmosis water filtration systems

Smart monitoring

Easy control and monitoring of water quality, filter change, plastic bottles saved, and much more with an app connection via WiFi.

Safe and healthy water

Automatic flushing feature reduces the risk of blockage and prevents bacteria from breeding. No storage tank – eliminates the risk of bacteria formation and growth.

Automatic leak detection

If the system detects a leak, it will shut off to minimize damage to the home

Easy filter change

Replace filters in seconds. Quick-change “click-and-seal” filters make filter replacement a breeze.

Small space requirement

A minimalistic, elegant, and compact design for a space-saving installation. Installation footprint as small as a regular storage tank.

High recovery

Breakthrough water-saving technology. 

The DWRO® water filter lowers drain ration to 2:1 (65% recovery).

Direct flow system

Fresh purified water any time.

2.1 liters of water produced every minute.

Plug & Play installation

Simple to install.

Everything needed for installation is included.

Aquaporin reverse osmosis water filtration systems

Care-free water for the family

A2O Pure is as pure in its design as in its name. Its technology utilizes a unique membrane system based on the Nobel-prize awarded discovery of the natural aquaporin protein. 

The technology enables A2O Pure to produce purified, uncontaminated water through its membranes. All controlled through a simple display function.


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