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The RUHENS WHP-3700 water heater is the latest technologically developed water filtration device from the Korean company Wonbong.


It is an ideal solution for crystal clear, healthy filtered water at 4 different temperatures, depending on your needs.


Device Advantages

  •  Contactless technology
  •  Elegant design and ergonomics,
  •  Very small width 24cm, height 37cm, depth 49cm
  •  Cooling system & heating, 
  •  Frozen, hot, very hot (97°C), room temperature,
  •  ECO energy saving system,
  •  Direct water flow, 
  •  Hot water safety to protect children,

The RUHENS WHP3700  is an elegant and perfectly designed water filtration device that can be placed on the kitchen counter or any other space. The water is filtered through a triple system of certified filters so that you can enjoy it clean and healthy, whenever you want it and at different temperatures.


Filtration System 

Quadruple filtration system which can be placed either inside the device or under the kitchen counter and be connected to the existing faucet.

  • Stage 1: US Omnipure sediment filter with NSF certification.
  • Stage 2: American Carbon Filter & polyphosphate crystals  of the Omnipure company with NSF certification.
  • Stage 3: NSF Certified Korean Wonbong Membrane Filter.


Note: For better performance of the device and to prevent the formation of salts, it should be descaled every 6-12 months depending on the salt content of the water.


* Installation is not included in the price.


The company

The Korean-based Wonbong heating company, since 1991, has established itself internationally as one of the most reliable and dynamic water heater manufacturing companies. 

  • 27 years of history,
  • 700,000 production per year,
  • More than 300 employees,
  • Invests 2% of turnover in Research & Development,
  • More than 120 patents,
  • Turnover of $110 million in 2016,
  • 50 million export awards in 2014
  • Exports to more than 60 countries worldwide.
  • The #1 Korean company in its field.


For more information regarding the product you can call us on the free Cypriot contact number 80 000 880 or 


€625.00 Regular Price
€550.00Sale Price
  • specifications

    • Contactless technology 
    • Energy Eco reduced power consumption system
    • Energy consumption:

    - Frozen: 100W (0.6A)

    - Heat: 1.1kW

    • Refrigerant: R-134a (34g)
    • Dimensions: 24(W)X49(W)X37(H)
    • Base: Metal
    • Water storage tank: Stainless steel
    • Water Storage: Frozen-0.9L | Hot-1.1 liter
    • Temperatures:

    - Frozen: 6-8°C 

    - Hot: 80-85°C 

    - Very Hot: 95°C

    - Room Temperature



    • Solid filter with 5 micron porosity - retains solids such as sand, mud, rust

    • Carbon filter with 5 micron porosity with polyphosphoric crystals - retains chemicals such as chlorine, taste, odors while simultaneously breaking down hardness (does not remove minerals).

    • Ultra filtration filter with a porosity of 0.1-0.01 micron which retains pathogens.

    The filter system can be placed under the kitchen counter and connected to the drinking water tap.

    • Filter Dimensions: 10'' x 2''Ø 
    • Inlet Water Pressure: Minimum 1.4 Bar - Maximum 6.9 Bar
    • Filter Certifications: NSF & WQA

    Change Filters 

    • Sediment: 12 months approx

    • Coal/Polyphosphate: up to 12 months or 5,000 litres @ 3.8 litres/minute 

    • UF membrane: up to 12 months or 10,000 liters 



    • Filters must not be used in water of microbiologically unsuitable or questionable quality.
    • The elements that the filters remove may not be present in the water.
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