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Water Dispenser RUHENS WHP-2300,by WONBONG

RUHENS WHP2300 Water Dispenser
Drink crystal clear water at home and in the office at different temperatures!


* UV Light

** Includes a 4 stage filtration system
*** Filtration system can be installed under the sink and connect them also with the tap
**** Counter-top system

RUHENS WHP-2300 is an ideal solution to enjoy crystal clear, healthy filtered water at 4 different temperatures, hot (40/70/80°C), cold and room temperature, depending on your needs. It is a dynamic water filtration machine that can be placed on the kitchen counter, at home, in the office or anywhere else. The water is filtered through a 4 stage filtration system so that you can enjoy clean and healthy water, whenever you want it at different temperatures.


  • Very Slim - only 18 cm width,
  • Different water temperatures,
  • Elegant design and ergonomic,
  • Cooling & heating system,
  • ECO energy saving system,
  • Instant water flow,
  • Hot water safety for child protection
  • Direct flow water


4 Stages Filtration System
The filtration system can be placed either inside the appliance or under the kitchen counter and connected also to the existing tap.

Stage 1: Sediment filter to stop sediments, dirt, rust and particles up to 5 micron, by Omnipure USA.
Stage 2 & 3: Carbon filter with polyphosphate crystals to remove chlorine, taste, odors and scale inhibitor, by Omnipure USA.
Stage 4: Ultra filtration membrane to remove pathogens like bacteria & viruses up to 0.1 micron, by Wonbong.
Extra Protection: UV LED for faucet sterilization


For more information contact us on 80 000 880 (toll-free) or email us at

Water Dispenser RUHENS WHP-2300,by WONBONG

€700.00 Regular Price
€600.00Sale Price
    • Touch screen panel
    • Energy Eco System
    • Energy consumption:

    - Cold: 100W (0.6A)

    - Hot: 1.1kW


    • Refrigerator: R-134a (34g)
    • Dimensions: 18(W) x 51(D) x 41(H)
    • Material: Metal & Plastic
    • Water storage Tank: Stainless steel
    • Water storage: Cold 0.9 liters
    • Direct Hot 0.55 liters / minute
    • 4 Temperatures:

    - Cold: 6-8 °C

    - Hot: 40/70/80 °C

    - Room temperature



    • Sediment filter 5 micron
    • Carbon w/ polyphosphate
    • Ultra filtration membrane 0.1 micron
    • UV LED for disinfection of the faucet

    The filtration system can be placed under the kitchen counter and connected with the drinking water tap.


    • Filter Dimensions: 10''x 2 ''
    • Incoming Water Pressure: Minimum 1.4 Bar - Maximum 6.9 Bar
    • Filter Certifications: NSF


    Filter Replacement

    Sediment: 12 months

    Carbon / Polyphosphate: up to12 months or 5,000 liters @ 3.8 liters/minute

    UF Membrane: up to 12 months or 10,000 liters.


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