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Housing (empty) HF5 2.5''x10'', by HYDRONIX USA

Hydronix HF5 Series filter housing 2.5’’ x 10’’

** Water filter cartridge is not included**


HYDRONIX housings are durable with thick walls for increased strength. With this 10’’ long housing a wide variety of filters can be fitted, for example Sediment and Carbon cartridges can be used in this housing. The cartridge is not included with the housing, hence allowing the user to purchase any type of cartridge according the needs.


•High durability

•External and internal use

•Excellent chemical resistance

•NSF Tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material and structural integrity (model: HF5-10BLBK34PR)


Water Filter Cartridges

HYDRONIX HF5 10’’ x 2.5’’ housing can fit any type of 10’’ x 2.5’’ cartridge. The most common use are sediment and carbon cartridges.


Sediment: Stop sediments, dirt, rust

Carbon: Stops chlorine, taste and odors


For more information contact us on 80 000 880 (toll-free) or email us at


- Suspended retaining filters 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 micron

- Carbon filters to retain odors, flavors, chemicals, chlorine and pathogens. Carbon filters of 0.5, 1, 5, 10 micron are available.


They are ideal for homes, individual buildings, apartment buildings and public buildings.

  • High quality enclosures made of certified polypropylene (FDA grade material)
  • High chemical resistance, mainly chlorine
  • Weather resistance


For more information contact us at the free Cyprus number 80 000 880 or email :


Housing (empty) HF5 2.5''x10'', by HYDRONIX USA

    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Entrance: 3.8 ''
    • Pressure valve
    • Color: Black cover / Blue base
    • Dimensions: 2.5'' x 10''
    • Maximum Temperature: 51.7 C
    • Maximum pressure: 6.89 bar
    • Possibility to choose different types of filter (sediments, coal) as well as different diameters depending on the needs.
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