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Shower Filter Aqualux, by HydroGuard™

The Hydro Guard™ Aqualux Dechlorinating Shower Filter reduces the harmful effects of chlorine and other contaminants, offering you a luxurious and invigorating shower.

The Hydro Guard™ Aqualux 4 stage filtration process utilizes Coconut Shell Carbon, KDF Chlorine Scavenging media, BioCeramic pH Balancing spheres and Sediment filtration to give you an invigorating shower experience.

Unlike other shower filters, the Hydro Guard Aqualux Dechlorinating Shower Filter does not stop at basic chlorine reduction. Through its 4 stages process the Aqualux truly is able to offer you a luxurious shower experience. Softer and silky smooth skin and hair, longer lasting hair color, less dry, itchy, flaky skin and scalp are but some of the benefits of a Hydro Guard Aqualux Shower Filter

4 Stages Filtration

  • Stage 1: Bioceramic pH Balancing Media
  • Stage 2: Sediment Filtration
  • Stage 3: Coconut Shell Carbon Filter
  • Stage 4: KDF Chlorine Scavenging Media


For more information contact us on 80 000 880 (toll-free) or email us at

Shower Filter Aqualux, by HydroGuard™

  • Filters Removes

    • ​Chlorine
    • Bacteria
    • Dirt, sand, particles


    Very effective in pH Balancing



    • Colour: White
    • Capacity: 57,000 Liters
    • Replacement: 4 - 6 months
    • Inlet water pressure: Min: 1.38 Bar, Max: 5.51 Bar
    • Flow: 5-10 Liters/ minute


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