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Reverse Osmosis ECO ROBUST3000 - 3,000 L/day, by ECOSOFT

ECOSOFT ROBUST 3000 Reverse Osmosis System

*Direct Flow 3,780 liters of clean water per day



Ecosoft ROBUST reverse osmosis system provides a sufficient amount of pure and safe water for Residential and HoReCa needs: for food and drinks preparation, as well as delicious drinking water for the users, guests and staff.


The system combines high-quality water treatment technology, modern design and compact dimensions.


The ROBUST 3000 system is a four (4) state reverse osmosis system with pressure pump, capable to produce up to 3,780 liters of clean drinking water per day (1000 GPD).


This is a reliable system incorporating two (2) self-cleaning DOW FILMTEC 500GPD membranes.



Reverse Osmosis is used to produce highly purified water for drinking, industrial boilers, food and beverage processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical production, seawater desalination, and many other applications.


Reverse Osmosis Method

In simple terms, reverse osmosis works as water is forced across a semi-permeable membrane, leaving contaminants behind that are flushed down the drain. The clean drinking water collects in a holding tank.


Reverse osmosis (RO) is a special type of filtration that uses a semi-permeable, thin membrane with pores small enough (0.0001 micron) to pass pure water through while rejecting larger molecules such as dissolved salts (ions) and other impurities such as bacteria and viruses.


Reverse Osmosis is the best and most effective method to remove up to 99.8% of impurities, including bacteria and viruses. The combination of pre-filters together with the semi-permeable membrane provides excellent quality of clean & pure drinking water. In general, the reverse osmosis system removes solids, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, arsenic, aluminum, boron, cryptosporidium, fluoride, potassium nitrates, volatile organic compounds VOCs, etc. that may exist in the water.



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Reverse Osmosis ECO ROBUST3000 - 3,000 L/day, by ECOSOFT


    • Material: Plastic parts with metal base

    • Dimensions: (H) 420 mm x (W) 425 mm x (D) 265 mm

    • Filtering Stages: 4

    • Storage tank: Available separately depending on size. There are water tanks of different capacities depending on the needs.

    • Pressure System

    • Manometers



    STAGE 1: Sediment Filter 5 micron: Removes suspended solids with a diameter greater than 5 micron i.e dirt, rust, sediments.

    STAGE 2: Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter. Removes chemicals i.e chlorine, bad odors and taste.

    STAGE 3: Two (2) DOW Filmtec 500 GPD semi-permeable membranes. Due to the special semi-permeable membrane, sufficient drinking water can be purified of all kinds of harmful impurities, including viruses and bacteria. RO membrane pores are 200 times smaller than viruses, and 4000 times smaller than bacteria.

    STAGE 4: Carbon Block filter that removes chlorine taste, odors and organic chemicals that contribute to bad taste.



    • Total filtration rate: 0.0001 microns - 99.9%

    • Operating pressure: Minimum: 2.5 Bar, Maximum: 5 Bar.

    • Water flow: 150-160 liters / hour at 3 bar pressure

    • Operating temperature: 4-40 degrees Celsius

    • Operating pH range: 6.5-8.5

    • TDS, mg/L: <1500


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