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UV Sterilization System 12 GPM (45.36 L/m), by POLARIS SCIENTIFIC


Polaris Scientific 12 GPM UV Sterilization System

12gpm = 45.36 liters/minute


Polaris Scientific Ultraviolet Systems have a sleek, compact design and provide cost effective ultraviolet water sterilization for low to medium flow applications.


Polaris Scientific UV’s are perfect for residential and light commercial reverse osmosis systems, water vending machines, food industry, laboratory, final electronic component rinsing and re-circulation loops to name a few.


Polaris UV systems produce little change in water temperature even after prolonged periods of no water flow, making them ideal for many application requirements.


Polaris Scientific UV Features

  • Germicidal lamps inactivate chlorine-resistant parasites such us Cryptosporidium, Giardia, harmful bacteria such as E.Coli and viruses not visible to the naked eye.


  • Specially designed patented lamps provide consistent and reliable ultraviolet outpour over the entire life of the lamp (9000 hours) to ensure continues purification.


  • Durable stainless steel chamber to prolong life and eliminate ultraviolet light degradation.


  • Simple to maintain and service allowing for easy lamp replacement.


  • UV Systems controller features a sealed case to prevent damage from accidental water intrusion and is CSA and CE compliant.


What is Ultraviolet Light?

Ultraviolet (UV) lamps produce germicidal light, killing all pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria. The water passes through the light essentially sterilized by killing all pathogens.

The water passing through the lamp must be clean, free of solids that are likely to block the ultraviolet ray.


How does it work

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a frequency of light wave. More specifically, the sun's rays contain the spectrum of ultraviolet rays of light waves. Some ultraviolet rays have the potential, based on their length, to disrupt the DNA of microorganisms and impair their ability to reproduce. These ultraviolet waves are also referred to as Frequency. The frequency used to kill microorganisms is 254 nanometers (nm). Ultraviolet systems use a lamp that creates ultraviolet lengths. As water passes through a UV sterilization system, living organisms (pathogens) are exposed to ultraviolet light and are effectively killed.



For more information you can call us at the free nationwide contact number 80 000 880 or email:

UV Sterilization System 12 GPM (45.36 L/m), by POLARIS SCIENTIFIC

    • Capacity: 45.36 liters / minute (12GPM)
    • Lamp: 1
    • Operating hours: 9,000
    • Watts: 39
    • Housing: Stainless steal 304
    • Dimensions: 93.50 x 6.35 cm
    • Input / output dimensions: 1/4'' NMPT
    • Maximum pressure: 8.6 bar (125psi)
    • Micro-joules: 30 mJ / cm2


    Lamp Replacement: 1 year



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