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Hague water softener

HAGUE HYDROCLEAN3 (HC3)-48 Water Softener made in USA

Water Softeners are the only solution to remove water hardness 100%! Clean, soft water is a complete sensory experience. You'll be able to feel the softness, recognize the difference and see new brightness in your clothing and appliances.




Salt-Free or Saltless “Water Softener”

Salt Free systems do not technically soften your water. Water softening is the process of removing hardness (Calcium and Magnesium), while saltless systems do not remove hardness from your water. A salt-free system changes the composition of the minerals so they will not adhere to your plumbing. These are anti-scaling, descalers, or scale inhibitors while a water softener removes hardness.


HC3 Water Softeners

HC3 water softeners are manufactured entirely in the USA by the world famous manufacturer Hague. The HC3 are very reliable with a manufacturer's limited warranty of up to 10 years. Water Softeners are the most ideal solution for hard water areas. In Cyprus the only effective solution against hard water are water softeners and not conditioners.


Treating water with HYDROCLEAN3 (HC3) water softener system provides soft water at an economical price. After more than fifteen years of dependable field operation in thousands of installations both nationally and internationally, our patented valve’s sophisticated design has proved to be exceptionally reliable.


Our residential and light commercial clients feel, and see the difference while saving money on cleaning products and protection for their water-using appliances.


What are Water Softeners?

Water softeners use salt to flush out the resin that acts as a filter against salts. Any other device that does not use salt for regeneration is not called a water softener but a conditioner, with a very low effectiveness especially in areas with hard water.


Water softeners remove the salts present in the water by mainly exchanging the magnesium ions Mg2 + and calcium Ca2 + with ion exchange with sodium chloride (NaCl). In this way, the water softens (removes salts) so that no residual white spots are created on the various surfaces, on the appliances and utensils, on the plumbing pipes, while the tanks and machines that work with water always remain clean.


Advanced HC3 Water Softeners

The user can enjoy and feel the soft water during its use. Hague water softeners are an evolution of similar water softeners and differ in the following:

• Easy and simple installation,

• Reduced regeneration time,

• Use of minimal salt for regeneration,

• Use / waste of minimal water during regeneration,

• Limited Warranty 3/10 years from the manufacturer and according to the 'User Manual'.


Benefits of Using American Water Softener:

• Absolutely light water without salts,

• Clean, salt-free sanitary items such as sinks, bathrooms, toilets and surrounding taps,

• The piping of the building remains clean,

• Protection of the pressure system, the water tank and the boiler (boiler),

• Better operation of the water heater by increasing its lifespan

• Stop stains on dishes and glasses

• Longer life on various machines that use water such as dishwasher

• Softer clothes - when the salts accumulate in the clothes, the fibers lose their natural softness and the clothes acquire a hard texture.


The company

Hague Quality Water was founded in 1960 and is the oldest and largest manufacturer of water softeners in the United States.

Bill Hague began his business journey in 1960 with a simple piece of paper and a vision. Fifty years later, his vision was realized and the blank paper was replaced by countless awards that testify to his company's contributions to the water treatment industry, numerous awards and recognition for multiple technological patents and product designs.


For more information contact us on 80 000 880 (toll-free) or email us at


Water Softener 43L HC3-48 HAGUE USA

  • • Maximum Capacity: 1,900ppm hardness

    • Resin: 43 liters

    • Salt storage: 91 kg

    • Salt consumption: 1.1-6.8 kg

    • Regeneration Time: 32 minutes (minimum)

    • Dimensions Resin Vessel: 25cm x 137cm


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