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Last Updated: 22/11/2022

Our company, within the framework of its pricing policy for the sale of its products and services, is committed to maintaining a human-centered attitude with a focus on the consumer who today is asked to pay very high prices to obtain the necessary goods.

Considering that water filtration systems are now necessary for every household and business, our company considers them to be essential products aimed at ensuring a better quality of life. 


Therefore, our pricing policy is focused on not increasing prices for a large range of products, reducing prices on several products, under the type of discounts, but also on stabilizing maintenance costs on several products. In cases where costs are increased, either by the manufacturer, or by transportation, or due to increased operating expenses, our company made small reasonable increases in the selling price of certain products and services.


Our main and primary goal is to maintain both the quality of our products and the services we provide in order to continue to offer maximum satisfaction to our customers throughout our cooperation.   

The selling prices of our products and services are clearly visible on our website, in our stores as well as in the various catalogs of the company. The prices are likely to change either up or down depending on the ups and downs of the total cost of products and services as well as the economy in general.

The cost of installing drinking water filtration systems in homes and businesses is currently €50, while the cost of installing water softeners is around €150 - €180. Installation costs may vary depending on the installation.

When it comes to calculating the cost of installing professional filtration systems, an on-site inspection should be done to verify.

Thank you and we remain at your disposal for any further information and/or clarifications you need.

From the Directorate

KARMA Water Purification Systems Ltd

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