Unique, stainless steel water dispenser


A range without equal


Ideal for schools, public spaces, community centres, offices, airports and anywhere that requires a supply of drinking water without the need for a continuous supply of cups.


  • Zerica water fountains are made truly unique by their design and performance excellence.  There’s a choice of two different cooling systems: HPDC®, a Zerica patent with unsurpassed performance, or the Silver Turbo Clean with a cooling chamber tested for pressures of up to 100 bar and welded together using silver, a material proved to inhibit bacteria growth.  All Refresh P models have a tough stainless steel cabinet and a spacious compartment that can house a filtration system;

  • The 240 model with HPDC® technology is the fastest cooler in the world.  It develops a cooling power of 450 kcal/hr and cools water in 3mins, using less than 7 Wh;

  • The patented HPDC® system uses antibacterial copper, a material especially suited to combatting bacterial proliferation, including the deadly Legionella;

  • The Sahara Clima system used on the Refresh P 240 HPDC® and 260 models has been specially designed by Zerica to enable the units to function perfectly even with external temperatures of up to 43 C;

  • The ideal solution for the hottest of climates or for large areas that lack air-conditioning;

  • A wall-mounted solution guarantees maximum ease of cleaning even beneath the cooler and allows the ergonomically ideal height to be chosen, for example in schools and nurseries or for wheelchair users;

  • With its robust structure, this fountain supplies about 33 litres of cold water per hour.



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