Clean, soft water is a complete sensory experience. 
You'll be able to feel the softness and see new brightness in your clothing.


You'll be able to feel the softness, taste the difference and see new brightness in your clothing. Water Softener is a 'must have' product that all households need. It transforms 'hard' water into 'soft' water by exchanging calcium, magnesium and other minerals with soft ion, sodium or potassium (salt). From time to time, water softener flushes the hardness minerals to the drain. Hard water can cause serious problems in domestic plumbing and appliances. Water hardness is monitored to avoid costly breakdowns in boilers, plumbing and other equipments that use water i.e. washing machines, dishwashers, kettles, shower handles etc.

WaterBoss Smart Technology

Water softeners come in all shapes and sizes and bigger definitely does not mean better. WaterBoss® uses fine mesh resin - smaller beads that actually provide more surface area to soften water. This resin is vacuum-packed to allow maximum capacity in a minimum of space. Plus, our patented Directional Flow Screen system helps ensure that no resin bead goes unused. Our screens and whole-house dirt and sediment filter also protect the resin bed, so we don't need to waste space on “freeboard” which is the empty area in conventional water softeners that permit a churning of resin during regeneration to release dirt, sediment and hardness.

Water Softener Advantages

Water treated with a water softener versus untreated hard water has many benefits:

  • With a water softener your silverware and glassware, are cleaner and shinier

  • Your hair and skin feels softer, cleaner and smoother with water treated by a water softener.

  • Hard water treated with a water softener, greatly reduces housework by eliminating the formation of soap curd.

  • Hard water made soft through a water softener restores the rich lathering of your soaps and shampoos, thus reducing the usage and costs of these products by 75%.

  • One can return to natural chemical free healthy soaps and laundering agents, and with the WaterBoss you will have the most efficient water softener on the market, good for you good for the planet.

  • Fabrics are also softer without hard minerals become trapped in them. Fabrics last longer and whites stay white without the dingy gray caused by hard water. Having your water softened by a WaterBoss water softener will provide softer, brighter clothes and will extend their life as well!

  • Soft water also preserves the life of all water using appliances such as coffee and ice makers, dishwashers, and clothing washers. A water heater protected by a water softening system will also reduce the yearly energy cost of that appliance by 22%-29%.

  • Having a water softener in the home reduces greenhouse gases equivalent to removing one SUV from the road for one year.



with build-in self cleaning sediment filter 


WaterMax® is a patented, comprehensive water softener system; truly the right water cleaner for our age of conservation — highly efficient in water, salt and time.


From our computerized solid-state Systems Control to our exclusive directional flow screens, only the most advanced manufacturing processes and materials have been used to build WaterMax® water softeners. We employ the most innovative engineers in the industry and have won 7 U.S. patents ensuring that WateMax® provides years of trouble-free water treatment in your home, which is why it is known throughout the world.


The WaterMax water softener will work for you in ensuring that your entire house receives the benefits of soft, clean water. You’ll be able to taste the freshness of sweet corn, feel the softness of a new shirt and say goodbye to that film around the tub.And it won’t just do good work, it will look good too. The styling of a WaterMax® is as impressive as its operational capabilities. There simply is no better looking water softener on the market today. Even the texture of the cabinet is quality you can feel.



WaterMax® regenerates on demand, by calendar or by exact water usage.

The flexibility of the solid state System Control makes it possible. A 12-volt low voltage power supply powers the Systems Control.

  • Easy To Set

  • Maintains program settings during power outages

  • Absolute Brining – Never Wastes Regenerant

  • Capacity Guard – Protects Reserve Bed

  • Languages: English, Spanish, French

  • Calculates Compensated Hardness

  • Gallons or Liters

  • No Hazardous Voltages


The WaterMax® super quiet control valve

  • Only one internal moving part to ensure long life and reliable operationCorrosion

  • Resistant Materials

  • Built-in Bypass with Test Port

  • Blending Valve is installer-adjusted to precisely match your preference.

  • 1" Valve Porting – allows high flow and minimal pressure drop.

  • Hydro-Slide Piston Teflon™ – encapsulated for years of trouble-free operation

  • Tested for over 100,000 cycles with no detectable wear

  • Value piston is controlled by WaterMax® exclusive magnetic technology – no solenoids or switches.


Fill PlugProvides easy media accessibility for maximum serviceability as water conditions may change… a costly add-on with conventional units.


The Twin Intermediate line is designed for residential & light commercial water users such as large houses, restaurants, office buildings, laboratories, dairy farms and car washes.


  • Six models are available with flow rates ranging from 9.25 to 37 gpm.

  • Valve: 1″ top mounted valve allows for high flow rates and eliminates external piping.

  • Valve contains only one internal moving part, which guarantees long life and service-free operation.

  • Maximum Resin Bed Depth: Longer water contact, more effective filtering and better salt economy.

  • Energy-Miser Controller; Simple, effective and uses a mere 10 to 15 cents a month in electricity!

  • Meter Initiated Regeneration: Regenerates only as needed, saving salt and water.

  • Corrosion Proof Tanks: Features fiberglass wound media tanks and plastics brine tanks for strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

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