KARMA Water provides first class services ensuring the highest satisfaction of our customers. Our professionalism, experience and qualified staff puts us in the position to provide professional advice regarding various water problems, make recommendations and give affordable solutions suitable for each customer's specific needs. 

Expert Advice

Professional Advice is the most important and determinant factor in our business. People are not always aware of water technologies and water treatment products. Also, new technologies appear in the market daily. We are committed to provide the highest expert advice to our valuable customers.

Quality Control

Water quality is an issue that homeowners and facility managers must consider on a regular basis. KARMA Water provides professional water quality control and conservation all year round. We provide this service to well known customers including reputable private Hospitals, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Residential & Commercial projects around Cyprus.


Control & Prevention 

Legionella is a pathogenic micro-organism which bursts under certain conditions. To prevent bacteria growth, facility managers must ensure that the water conditions comply with certain regulations. In order to keep the water clean and safe, water systems must be managed, treated and maintained properly and on a regular basis.


Quality Testing

KARMA Water provides professional water testing including Microbiological and Chemical Analyses through recognized and approved laboratories, ensuring compliance with water quality regulations and laws. When results do not comply with regulations, actions and solutions considered.


Our installation team constitutes of professional engineers and plumbers who work under the guidance and rules of contact set by KARMA Water. All our employees are committed to high professional behavior and effective completion of installations.


Όροι και Προϋποθέσεις

Terms & Conditions   

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