The ELF-Series of filters from Omnipure was designed specifically for the higher volume requirements for the food service industry. In contrast to what the name implies, the new ELF’s (Extra-Large Format) capacity of up to 20,000 gallons and flow rates of up to 2.0 gal/minutes, make it ideal for use in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and vending machines.



The ELF-Series from Omnipure. Cost-effective, point-of-use water filtration for high volume applications.

We have an extensive experience in proffessional water treatment

COFFEE MACHINES                                                              PRODUCT: ELF-XL-SR

Water filtration systems are widely used in coffee machines for two main reasons:

  • Protection of the machine

Equipment is very sensitive to water hardness and other imporities found into the water. Water quality varies between areas so we need to ensure that the water passes through the machine is of the best quality. 


  • Better coffee quality

The main inngredient of espresso, capuchino and other hot coffees is water; 94%-98% of hot beverages is water. According to Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) water standard for coffee brewing should be as follow:

Odor - Free; Color - Clear; Chlorine - 0mg/L; TDS - 75 to 250 mg/L with a target of 150mg/L; Calcium Hardness - 17 to 85 mg/L with a target 51 - 68mg/L; PH - 6.5 to 7.5 with a target 7; Sodium - less than 30ml/L with a target 10ml/L.  


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ICE CUBE MACHINES                                                                PRODUCT: ELF-XL-SP

Do You need clear Ice cubes? You need clean water!


Water filtration systems are installed for two main reasons:


  • Protection of the machine

  • Production of clear ice


The quality of your ice is directly linked to the taste and quality of your water.

By installing a water filtration system you improve the water quality:


  • No impurities, cysts or viruses

  • No sand, dirt, rust, sediments, chlorine taste and odors

  • Soft water

  • Increase appliance's lifetime

  • Clear ice

  • Satisfy customers 

STEAMERS                                                                            PRODUCT: RO - COM

Steamer manufacturers highly recommend to use pure water for two important reasons:


  • Protection of the machine

  • Preparation of tasty food


The quality of the water that enters the Steamer must by pure otherwise the machine will not work properly. Additionally, food quality depends on the water quality. The installation of a water filtration system is necessary in order to:  


  • Remove sand, silt, rust, sediments, chlorine taste, and odors

  • Remove the water hardness

  • Remove bacteria, viruses, cysts

DISHWASHERS                                                                     PRODUCT: SLOPHOS

Shinny wine glasses was always an issue for business owners. Dishes, glasses and cutlery need to be shinny and clean when are presenting to customers. Also, dish washing machines work properly only when good quality water is passing through the machines.

Water filtration systems are used for two main reasons:


  • Protection of the machine

  • Shinny & clean dishes


Clean and pure water is recommended for dish washing machines in order to have:


  • Soft water

  • No immpurities, dirts, sand, rust

  • Shinny dishes, glasses and cutlery

  • Longer lifetime for the machine

  • Less maintenace costs


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