Pressure Pumps are used in cases the pressure of the water is low and negatively affects the use of the water in showers, washing machines etc.


The Pentax CAMSelf-priming centrifugal pump is often used for water supplies in small household systems, connected to tanks, for transferring liquids and emptying tanks.


Cast iron pump casing with threaded inlet and outlet; cast iron motor bracket or in aluminium; impeller in Noryl® or in brass; ceramic - graphite mechanical seal; motor shaft in AISI 416 steel; world leading brand ball bearings; liquid temperature range 0 - 50 °C; max. operating pressure 6 bar.


MOTOR - 2 pole electric induction motor for continuous operations; stater made with low-loss laminated electric sheet steel; insulation Class F; IP 44 protection level; thermal protection for single-phase models; the user is responsible for supplying protection for the three-phase models.

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