Point of Entry filters are used to protect the general plumbing installation of the entire building. The systems are installed onto the main water supply coming into the house and effectively reduce dirt, sand, sediment, rust and other particles found in utility water. By installing these systems we ensure that you have clean water for the whole building.

Point of Entry Housings

Residential and Commercial high capacity filter housings.Ideal for many applications, such as whole house and food service filtration etc.Pressure release valve is available.


  • Heavy duty construction with FDA grade material (Polypropylene)

  • Superior chemical resistance

  • Precision tread and sealing design

  • Cap, sump and top sealed O-ring to provide leak proof sealing


Whole building filters are installed after the water meter and before the water enters the building.

We normally use 25 or 20 microns filters cartridges to provide protection against dirt, rust and sand.

Whole Building Self Cleaning Filter


Heavy sediment damages hot water heaters and plumbing systems, soils laundry and dishes, and can adversely affect drinking and cooking water.


Where excessive dirt, silt, particulate matter, etc can be a major problem in commercial, industrial or even domestic use we suggest the installation of a self cleaning sediment filter. 


The automatic self cleaning filter provides excellent sediment filtration down to 5 micron nominal.



Scale Conditioner Filtration System


Slophos water conditioner system is equipped with a sediment filter 25 microns which stops particles up to 25 micron and a polyphosphate crystals filter. The system provides anti-scale water conditioning and prevents the formation of scale deposits and protects from corrosion the water heaters, washing machines, pipes etc.

Polyphosphate crystals are NSF Certified

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