The growing demand for clean, pure and clear water and the necessity for flexible solutions can be fully satisfied by Reverse Osmosis Systems, which are widely used to treat the water in the entire building, constantly ensuring the highest water quality all the time. Reverse Osmosis Systems are highly effective in removing a wide range of contaminants like heavy metals, chemicals, dissolved salts, viruses and micro organisms. 


These systems are installed easily outside of the building and provide unlimited high quality water.


Compact yet easily serviced. All systems include high quality pre-treatment and are individually wet tested and sanitized. High recovery rates and low energy consumption are hallmarks of our commercial R.O. systems. 3 year warranty and excellent technical support.


We also custom build an R.O.system to meet our customers needs.



  • RO-COM-200GPD

  • RO-COM-300GPD

  • RO-COM-400GPD

  • RO-COM-500GPD

  • RO-COM-600GPD


The filter of active carbon removes from the water the chemical substances such as bleaches and derivatives of bleach, while the filter of sediments has the ability to remove the hovering solid remains. The semi-permeable membrane has spiral form with diameter 0.0001 micron so that it breaks away the viruses (0.02-0.4 micron) and the bacteria (1-4 micron) that they exist in the water. Also it removes from the water the hardness (lime-Scale).

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